Saturday, September 5, 2009

JuzWack™ - When the Mrs is out

Decided to mix down some city sound/beats and funk today when the Mrs was out ; I ended up with this messed up one. Enjoy :lol:

01 Para Beats Feat. Carmen Reece - U Got Me
02 Dj Project - Soul is Shine (original)
03 Negrocan - Cada Vez (Grant Nelson Vocal Remix)
04 Shakedown - Drowsy With Hope (K-KlassUltra Vocal Mix)
05 Mirabeau - Ghetto Funk
06 Class A - Streetlife
07 HI-FI Mike - Stereo's Flava (Jamie Lewis Main Mix)
08 Angel - Walf(original)
09 Gerd - Its In The Music (Gerd Mix)
10 Elizabeth Troy - Higher Ground (Classic Mix)
11 Hardsoul - Committed (Original Mix)
12 Collette - Feelin' Hypnotised (Kaskade Mix)

Download here OR here

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

JuzWack™ - Disco Agogo - September 2009

It's been awhile. Enjoy~ I lurve Tek Sei Gao ( disco in cantonese; which literally means, kicking a dead dog's carcass)

01 The Brand New Heavies - Boogie (Eric Kupper Mix)
02 Shawn Christopher - You Can Make It (Jamie Lewis Classic Mix)
03 The Sunburst Band - Fly Away (12" Vocal Mix)
04 Leah McCrae - All This Love That I'm Giving (Groovefinder's Re-rub)
05 Stonebridge Feat. Isabel Fructoso - Clorophilla (Put A Little Love)
06 Secret Sounds - Come Back Home
07 Mousse T. With Roachford - Pop Muzak (Ian Pooley Extended Mix)
08 House Divas Feat. Barbara Tucker, Michelle Weeks, Su Su Bobien, Sabrynaah Pope & Dawn Tallman - Life (Club Extended Mix)
09 Andrea T. Mendoza & Tibet Feat. Ife Corcoran - Could It Be Magic (Original Mix)
10 Lovestation - Teardrops (Joey Negro 12' Mix)
11 Polyphonics - Nightlights (Seamus Haji Vocal Mix)
12 Thunderpuss Feat. Latanza Waters - Stand Up (E Smooth Soul Revival Remix)
13 Misled - Feels Like It's Better (Disco Re-Make)

Download here  OR  here

Friday, June 26, 2009

JuzWack™ - Mash-O-Logy

If you're into Rock, funk, house, pop, 80s, rojak mixes or major mash up mixes, then this is for you.

Mash up includes: The Champs, The Knack, Deep Purple, Girls Aloud, Eric Prydz, The Hoosiers, AC DC, 50 Cents, Mark Ronson ft. ODB, Scissor Sisters, Fatman Scoop, Lionel Richie, The Tramps, Kurd Maverick, Metalica, MARRS, L.A. Style, Falco, Classics IV, After The Fire, The Ting Tings, Jennifer Lopez, Justice, The Bee-Gees, Seven Nation Armies, BackStreet Boys, Akon, Phunk-A-Delic, Eminem, Blaze Ft. Barbara Tucker, Depeche Mode, Bon Jovi, Beastie Boys, Krufty Kuts, Lil Mama, Toni Basil, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Freemasons, Tone Loc, Mousse T. & Emma Lanford, Too Kool Chris and Busta Rhymes ft. Pharrell.

Bonus Mash includes: Coldplay, Avril Lavigne, Oasis, U2, Leona Lewis, Robbie Williams and Norwegian Recycling's Acoustic Alchemy.

Special thanks to M.U.T. , Cornelius, Weili, Pctrecords, Fac, Paul V, The Bootleague, Le Clown, World Famous Audio Hacker, Schmolli, Delicious, Petrushka, Guv'nor, LeeDM101, Norwegian Recycling, Pheugoo and Electrosound

Download here or here

Saturday, May 30, 2009

APC40 - The Ableton (Live) Performance Controller

The first encounter

Nice coloured box as compared to most gears I got - which usually comes in dull brown or the Pioneer black and white cardboard boxes.

The APC40's protected by a foam bag which sits in 2 styrofoam shock absorbers; not very eco-friendly and well supported IMO. At least Pioneer's equips are supported with heaps of cardboard whenI first got them.

The APC comes with an Ableton Live 7 Lite CD (which has its limitations - , a blardy short USB cable for connection to PC/MAC, an external AC power supply (tucked in one of the foams), a quick start guide and a safety instruction & warranty information guide.

Out of the box and in action

This thing's huge, it's the size of a regular CDJ1000 MK3, only thinner. Faders has resistance like the DJM800's and the infinity/endless knobs feel solid. I guess we can always count on AKAI's reputation for gears.

Hooking up the APC was a breeze, no drivers required. The APC will have to be turned on before Live and it seems to detect it instantly after a few minor configs.

The APC's unique matrix of 40 buttons has 3 colour arranged in a 5-scene-deep by eight-track-wide grid. The smart coding system lets you know exactly what's happening in each clip, and simple directional controls lets you move around inside the session view.

Clip colours

Yellow: the slot contains a clip
Green: this clip is playing
Red: this clip is recording

Many aspects of Live's interface are replicated in the APC. The controller tells you what's going on in the software, but, importantly, the software also reflects what's happening on the controller.

The Pros
Have only been routing the audio from Traktor through Live so it acts as a post effector from Traktor and pre effector from the DJM800. So I can't vouch for latency through launching of clips etc etc yet. Not much as of now, response on this thing's accurate. Live synchs pretty well with the Midi sends from the DJM800. Am going crazy with the heaps of efx available in Live, layering them etc etc.

The Cons
No LCD screen to view which one of the 64 banks you're at. I guess this is where Novation SL wins; things can get really confusing if you have heaps of EFX devices.

Spoke too soon - The Live 7 lite APC version works with the APC, the trial Live 8 Suite didn't. The configs and usual troubleshooting's been done (swap USB ports etc) but they're not communicating with one another; maybe quarreling. At the moment, the APC is just a midi controller with Live 8 suite. Will see if I can sort this out. That's the problem with new products, you can't google sh*t for answers.

After 1 day of trial and error. It turns out that this config (pic attached below)works! I was like, WTF ? Why would it be listed as a 4th controller? And why do I have to select APC40 as the 3rd controller without enabling any Input / Output for it to operate? Obviously the routing or smth is screwed within Live. OR it could be my USB ports. Heck, at least I solved the problem. Ok.. less talk, more work to be done.

Am trying to see if I can create an EFX1000 template with the EFX available on this thing...More updates to come.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Repost: May day Mixing Madness Part 2 - The Defected Singles Sunsciption Mix


01 John Dahlback & ATFC - Bon Bon
02 DJ Gomi featuring Louie Balo & Yasmeen - Glad I Found You ( Full Intention Club Mix )
03 G-Club Presents Banda Sonora - Guitarra G ( Warren Clarke Main Mix )
04 Copyright Feat. Imaani - Deeper ( Baggi Begovic Dub Mix )
05 Dennis Ferrer feat K.T. Brooks - Run Free ( Sean McCabe LateNite Dub )
06 ATFC featuring Lisa Millett - Bad Habit ( ATFCs Lektrotek Re-Visit )
07 Audiowhores & Haze - Stay ( Audiowhores Dub )
08 Chocolate Puma feat. Shermanology - Only Love Can Save Me ( Funkerman Remix )
09 Juan Kidd & Felix Baumgartner featuring Lisa Millett - Now You're Gone ( Instrumental )
10 Copyright feat. Jazzie B - Roots ( Torre Bros Remix )
11 Chocolate Puma - Morning Rain Moist ( Dub )
12 Mike Dunn presents The MD X-Spress - Let The Groove Drive Yo ( Phunky Soul MD BlackBall Main Mixx )
13 The Jinks featuring Carla Prather - Got To Do Better ( Dub )
14 Uberfett - El Zoomah ( Pierre J Remix )
15 ATFC feat Rae - Giv Me Luv ( ATFCs Ocean Trench Mix )
16 David Penn & Rober Gaez - What Is House ( Dubstrumental )


Repost: May day Mixing Madness Part 1 - Soul, Chill Disco


01 Colette - Didn't Mean To Turn You On (Chuck Love's Mute Force Mix)
02 Hardsoul Together With Ron Carroll - Back Together
03 Luke - Heavens On Fire (Spanish Fly Club mix)
04 Sandy Rivera feat. L T Brown - Come Into My Room ( Dub )
05 King Unique - Love Is What You Need Look Ahead ( Knee Deep Classic Club Mix )
06 Cerrone - Hooked On You (Jamie Lewis Mix)
07 Juliana Aquino - I Never Knew Love (Dj Meme Club Mix)
08 Marc Evans - The Way U Love Me ( DJ Spens Killer Klub Mix )
09 Jazz 'N' Groove - People R People ( Richard Earnshaw Main Mix )
10 Soulsearcher - Cant Get Enough ( Jazz N Groove Nu Disco Vocal )
11 Boris Dlugosch feat. Roisin Murphy - Never Enough (Sir Piers & Ed Funk Club Remix)
12 Kaskade - It's You, It's Me (Marques Wyatt Mix)
13 Kaskade - In This Life (Justin Michael and Balages Hermosa Mix)
14 Solsonik - I'm in love again (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix)
15 Solu Music - Fade (Grant Nelson Big Room Mix)


Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Hackintosh

Mac on my PC!